A time to honour and celebrate your loved one

Find the space you need to honour your loved one in one of our two chapels.

All Saints Chapel seats 208, with additional room for up to 200  more in an outside covered area.

All Souls Chapel seats 56, with additional room in an outside covered area for up to 20.

If the number of attendees exceeds capacity, funeral guests can watch the service from one of our after-funeral reception lounges.

If you would like a recording of the service, state-of-the-art video technology can be used so you have a keepsake.

One Room Funeral live streaming also allows family and friends anywhere in the world to view the service live on their digital devices.

Visit both of our chapels so you can decide on the right setting for your loved one. Please get in touch, and we will arrange a viewing for you.

A time to honour and celebrate your loved one
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