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If your loved one is laid to rest with us, you can search our online database or visit us for personal attention to find where they’ve been buried. You are welcome to visit Purewa at any time or contact us if you have any questions.

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Surname First Names Type Year of Death
BALLANTYNE ( Infant ) Cremation Unknown
KING (2 Infants) Burial Unknown
AUTAGAVAIA (Baby) Cremation 27 Jul 2020
WELLS (baby) Oliver Fleming Burial 9 Apr 1990
STAVELEY (lady) Elvira Oliafe Cremation 12 Jul 1992
GRACIE (Mary) Sidney Burial 24 May 1912
VEREKER-BINDON (Reverend) David Howard Cremation 1 Mar 2019
DUNSFORD (Sister) Katherine Launce Mary Burial 2 Dec 1944
SHIH A-Lo Chang Cremation 30 Dec 2005
LIN LIN A-Shen Cremation 20 Jun 2018
NIELSEN Aage Ewald Ashes Burial 4 Jul 1953
HANSEN Aage Noddegaard Cremation 3 Jan 1990
VAN DER WENDE Aalije (Alie) Burial 23 Nov 2015
TOY Aaltje (Leah) Jacoba Cremation 3 Sep 2012
ANDERSON Aanya Nicole Cremation 7 Nov 1993
HOWDEN Aaron Cremation 19 Sep 1980
FRENCH Aaron David Cremation 25 Jul 1997
BABICH Aaron Jason (baby) Cremation 30 Sep 1990
CARROLL Aaron Jnr Jake John Carroll (Baby) Cremation 30 May 2018
TASS Aaron Michael Cremation 27 Sep 2016
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