Died 1910 74


The aptly named George Dare Dowell served in the Royal Marines from 1849 to 1872. He was decorated with the Victoria Cross in 1857, the highest British award for gallantry, for action during the Crimean War when he rescued a drifting cutter that was in danger of falling into Russian hands. Dowell rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.


Dowell was one of the first recipients of the VC and he was at the investiture ceremony presided over by Queen Victoria in Hyde Park on 26 June 1857. His name is proudly recorded in reports of the occasion: First Lieutenant George Dare Dowell, Royal Marine Artillery (Baltic).

As is often the case with occasional heroes he displayed rare gallantry on a unique occasion when others might have hesitated had they paused to consider the risks. After leaving the Marines Dowell and his family emigrated to New Zealand where he died in 1910.

Dowell, George Dare
Died 03 Aug 1910
aged 74 Years
Block A Row 6 Plot 3

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