Died 1926 79

Kate Emma Clark took up writing as a serious career later in life. Her book, “A Southern Cross Fairy Tale,” was published in London in 1891.

Kate was born in Suffolk, England. Her education included the study of art and later she earned a living doing research for writers, often in the British Museum.

In 1875 she married James McCosh Clark in Melbourne, Australia, before moving to live in Auckland. Her husband bought a large Remuera home, The Tower, now King’s School, on 12 acres and Kate Clark expertly performed her role as a society leader and Mayoress at the property. An excellent musician and an accomplished painter, she was a generous patron of art and music.

She was also an important figure in charitable organisations in the city, establishing the Girls’ Friendly Society, the Women’s Home and the Jubilee Institute for the Blind. Keen on physical recreation and the outdoors she went on climbing expeditions and was active in the Auckland Skating Club. In 1889 the Clarks went to England where she pursued a career as a writer. She returned to New Zealand in 1900serving on the Council of the newly formed Auckland Kindergarten Association, and in 1909 was President of the Auckland Plunket Committee. She died in Auckland aged 79, in 1926 survived by her two sons. Kate Emma Clark 1847-1926.

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Kate Emma CLARK
Died 1926
Block A, Row 29, Plot 056

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