Places of Rest

Beautiful Places of Rest at Purewa

Spaces to commemorate those who have passed

Purewa’s beautiful grounds are filled with leafy green spaces. Within our complex are many different areas where you can choose to lay your loved one to rest.

We have plots available throughout our beautiful grounds, with different prices depending on their age and location. Our newer plots are closer to the railway and are more affordable and readily available. These are beautiful plots that overlook Pourewa Stream. Our plots in older areas are larger and are in high demand. You’re welcome to pay a visit, take a tour and choose the area you like. Our burial or digging fees are in addition to the plot fee. 

Once you inform us of your wishes, we can come back to you with different options.  

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Historical burial grounds

These are the older areas at Purewa where plots are becoming more scarce. The historical grounds have grand monuments that overlook the city.

Lawn Cemetery

These grounds are welcoming, grassy and open, framed by trees and with views of Pourewa Creek.

Children’s areas

Our children’s areas are open and meadow-like, where you can sit peacefully and remember children who have passed.

Ash interment and scattering

There are a few options for interring your loved one’s ashes at Purewa – our Memorial Gardens, at the Walk of Memories, Columbarium or small headstone areas.

Choosing a place of rest is a personal experience. We welcome you to pay a visit to Purewa, so you can select a space that best suits you and your family.

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