Purewa Cemetery and Crematorium Fees
Effective from 1st February 2022

Fee GST Total
Cremation Fees
Adults and Children (5 years and over) 652.17 97.83 750.00
Chapels and Lounges fees
All Saints Chapel per hour 573.91 86.09 660.00
All Souls Chapel per hour 482.60 70.50 555.00
St Johns Lounge per hour (minimum 2 hours) 365.22 54.78 420.00
Lounge of Remembrance per hour (minimum 2 hours) 278.26 41.74 320

Sunday Funerals must be booked through Purewa Administration, after hours bookings for a Sunday funeral or cremation will not be accepted under any circumstances.
Purewa Administration must be notified at the time of cremation booking if families wish to view the charging of the casket into the cremator. The fee of $260.00 + GST will apply

Fee GST Total
Effective 1st February 2022
M, J, R +S Block Adult burial plots 8,260.87 1,239.13 9,500.00
Older Areas Adult Burial Plots 12,608.07 1,891.93 14,500.00
Digging Fee Adult Single Depth Burial 1,391.30 208.70 1,600.00
Digging Fee Adult Double Depth Burial 1,521.73 228.27 1,750.00

The latest time that burials can be booked for is 3pm. Burials will not be accepted or confirmed unless the required paperwork is completed in full and received with a minimum of 24 hrs notice. Please note that Burial bookings cannot be made by calling our after-hours booking service.

Fee GST Total
Effective 1st February 2022
Walk of Memories (all plots) 1,826.08 273.92 2,100.00
Walk of Memories package (plot, tablet, inter) 4,304.34 795.66 5,100.00
Kidney Gardens (plot only) 2,608.00 391.31 3,000.00
V Block Upright Ashes Headstone Area 5,634.78 845.22 6,480.00
R,S and Y Block Ashes Plots (2 sets of ashes) 1,391.30 208.70 1,600.00
Columbarium Niche Wall (new 2021) 3,695.65 554.35 4,250.00
Ashes interment Disinterment Fee (Mon - Fri) 400.00 60.00 460.00

For all requests for services not included in this sheet, please contact the General Manager.

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