Taking care of what’s important

Taking care of what’s important

We have provided crematorium services since 1957, at which time there was only one other facility of its type in Auckland.

We facilitate this process with great care and dignity, so you feel supported when you need it most.

You or your loved one can choose to be cremated at Purewa with or without having your service here. When the time comes, your family and funeral director will plan the service. Cremated ashes can be taken home, interred on-site or scattered on our Memorial Lawn.

How it works

At the end of the service, the casket can be lowered to the committal position, allowing funeral guests to come forward and pay their last respects. You may also choose to view the casket going into the cremator if you wish. Following cremation, your loved one’s ashes will be held by your funeral director until you are ready to collect them. We use the latest cremation processes, which meet all the air discharge regulations and bylaws of the Auckland Council.

Out of respect for the deceased and those left behind, cremations have a strict process and only one cremation takes place at a time. This ensures ashes are not mixed and are clearly marked. Following the cremation, ashes can be transferred into a special urn of your choice or divided into more than one urn if you wish. Ashes from Purewa come with a standard wooden or plastic urn.

If you’d like to hear more about our cremation services, please contact us so we can assist you.

Stillborn or unborn cremation and memorial

We offer free cremation, a little flax kete for the ashes and the use of our family room to say goodbye.

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