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If your loved one is laid to rest with us, you can search our online database or visit us for personal attention to find where they’ve been buried. You are welcome to visit Purewa at any time or contact us if you have any questions.

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Surname First Names Type Year of Death
MAHONEY Aaron Nicholas Ashes Burial 10 Jan 2007
WATSON Aaron Robert Cremation 2 Jul 1977
THIRLWALL Aaron Sisson Cremation 2 Apr 1960
SIMONS Aaron Warwick Cremation 15 Jun 1985
MALLACH Aase Cremation 21 Feb 2007
WARING Abagail Burial 1 Jan 2005
FOREMAN Abbott John Cremation 2 Mar 1983
ALLPORT Abby Jane Cremation 17 Jan 2016
PUTHIGAE Abhitha Burial 16 Mar 2002
TAN Abigail (Baby) Burial 7 Jun 2017
MASSEY Abigail Maria Burial 4 May 1921
JAMIESON Abigail Martha Burial Unknown
BURTON Abigail Victoria Connell Burial 12 Sep 1956
RENWICK Abra Patricia Burial 29 Mar 1998
DE GROOT Abraham Cremation 3 Mar 1987
STEGER Abraham Edward Cremation Unknown
JOHANSEN Abraham Frank Cremation Unknown
BRONLUND Abraham Henry Cremation Unknown
BURGHAM Abraham John Burial 6 May 1946
THOW Abraham Lincoln Burial 15 Sep 1969
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