Burial and Ash Interment

Traditional Casket Burial

Traditional burial is still very popular with many families. Purewa follows the Western tradition, with each person buried in a casket. Within that, there’s a lot that can be tailored to suit your family.

You can choose to have your service at Purewa, your burial at Purewa, or both.

When the time comes, and you’d like to hold a service at Purewa, you’ll work with a funeral director to plan the service and let us know to prepare the plot you have purchased.

We also have burial plots in our children and babies area, and a family room where you can say goodbye to stillborn or unborn children. In this instance, we offer a cremation service free of charge.

We charge an interment fee, which includes digging and topping up the grave. Purchasing a memorial or headstone can be arranged at an additional cost.

More information on our services and plot purchases can be found on our  Places of Rest pages. For further requests or inquiries please feel free to contact us.

Burial of Ashes

After a cremation conducted at Purewa or another venue, there are several options for what happens next:

  • Take the ashes home with you
  • Join loved ones in a burial plot
  • Bury them in an ash plot or a columbarium
  • Scatter them on our dedicated Memorial Lawn

Interment choices: choose the best for your loved one

Following a cremation, your loved one’s ashes will be in a sealed bag and box that is well-labelled. We can also place the ashes in a special container of your choosing, as long as it’s an appropriate size. When planning, consider the type of urn you’d like to choose. Wooden or bio-degradable urns mean the ash remains will return the earth, while a sealed urn should preserve the ashes intact.

When you are ready for the interment or scattering of your loved one’s ashes, we can arrange a visit for you between Monday and Saturday, 9-3 pm. For ash interments, we require 48 hours notice to ensure that your ash plot is dressed and ready, and we will have one of our staff on hand to assist you. We can also arrange a plaque if you wish to remember your loved one in this way.

See our PLACES OF REST pages and the PLAQUES AND URNS and CREMATIONS pages for more information.

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