Plaques, Headstones & Memorials

Symbolising your loved one’s legacy

A headstone or plaque is a symbol of your loved one’s legacy – a place you can visit and pay your respects as you remember them. We offer different options so you can choose how your loved one is remembered.

Different areas at Purewa can have different kinds of markers. We have a variety of options from simple, elegant plaques to grander headstones. You can speak to us about your options and choose something suitable for your loved one. 

Ash headstones and plaques

We can create these at Purewa for you. In some of our areas, you may choose to supply your own from an approved stonemason. You are welcome to visit so we can talk you through your options. 

If you would like to view the headstones and plaques we have available, please contact us to arrange a visit.

Symbolising your loved one’s legacy

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