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If your loved one is laid to rest with us, you can search our online database or visit us for personal attention to find where they’ve been buried. You are welcome to visit Purewa at any time or contact us if you have any questions.

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Surname First Names Type Year of Death
RELF Gladys Alice Burial 14/03/71
WISEMAN Gladys Alice Cremation 19/08/94
SPOONER Gladys Alice Burial 10/02/65
HOWARD Gladys Alice Ashes Burial 25/07/98
ERSON Gladys Alice Ashes Burial 10/07/75
CARPENTER Gladys Alice Cremation 10/04/64
WOODS Gladys Alicia Cremation Unknown
GEDYE Gladys Alma Burial 20/10/03
HAMILTON Gladys Alma Cremation 29/01/07
PATERSON Gladys Alma Burial 21/01/97
PARKER Gladys Alma Cremation Unknown
MUNDAY Gladys Alvina Cremation Unknown
ROBERTSON Gladys Amelia Cremation 01/10/92
HARPER Gladys Amelia Cremation Unknown
TAYLOR Gladys Amelia Cremation 06/11/97
TAYLOR Gladys Amelia Ashes Burial 06/11/97
LISTER Gladys Amelia Burial 30/10/99
MURRAY Gladys Amy Cremation Unknown
FINLAY Gladys Anita Burial 12/12/22
PALMER Gladys Ann Louise Cremation 30/08/77
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