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If your loved one is laid to rest with us, you can search our online database or visit us for personal attention to find where they’ve been buried.

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Surname First Names Type Year of Death
DE GROOT Abraham Cremation 03/03/87
DE GRUYTER Abraham Cremation 04/09/11
SMITH Abraham Burial 12/12/00
BOARDMAN Abraham Burial 21/05/97
JONGEJAN Abraham Cremation 26/02/08
PALMER Abraham Burial 20/08/97
DE GROOT Abraham Ashes Burial 03/03/87
TOTMAN Abraham Burial 12/02/21
STEGER Abraham Edward Cremation Unknown
JOHANSEN Abraham Frank Cremation Unknown
BRONLUND Abraham Henry Cremation Unknown
NAYLOR Abraham James Cremation 22/08/81
CASH Abraham James Burial 06/01/99
BURGHAM Abraham John Burial 06/05/46
THOW Abraham Lincoln Burial 15/09/69
HUGHES Abraham Nelson Cremation 15/04/62
HUDSON Abram Wilfred Cremation 25/06/82
ROBERTS Ace Michael Cremation 24/07/16
GRAHAM Achibald Clifford Cremation 10/06/00
HUTCHING Acton Adolphus William Ashes Burial 16/11/67
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