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If your loved one is laid to rest with us, you can search our online database or visit us for personal attention to find where they’ve been buried. You are welcome to visit Purewa at any time or contact us if you have any questions.

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Surname First Names Type Year of Death
HUGHES Abraham Nelson Cremation 15 Apr 1962
HUDSON Abram Wilfred Cremation 25 Jun 1982
ROBERTS Ace Michael Cremation 24 Jul 2016
GRAHAM Achibald Clifford Cremation 10 Jun 2000
HUTCHING Acton Adolphus William Ashes Burial 16 Nov 1967
EDGCUMBE Acushla Bevan Burial 1 May 1919
BAINES Ada Cremation Unknown
LINTON Ada Adeline Burial 10 Feb 1969
MCKELVIE Ada Agnes Jane Cremation 6 Jun 1996
GRIBBLE Ada Alberta Cremation Unknown
SHAW Ada Alice Cremation 13 Aug 1982
HARRIS Ada Alva Cremation 11 Jan 1998
RAINGER Ada Amelia Burial 22 Apr 1952
COLE Ada Amelia Allen Burial Unknown
FIELDER Ada Angela Cremation Unknown
WEBB Ada Ann Cremation Unknown
STUBBS Ada Anne Cremation 21 Jul 1982
DAVIS Ada Annie Cremation Unknown
MILLER Ada Augusta Cremation 12 Jul 1963
GREGORY Ada Ball Cremation 12 Apr 2013
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