Purewa’s Short Film Collection:

Experience the Continuing Power of

Lives Remembered at Purewa

Our lives have meaning. And meaning is a narrative, the story of our lives.

A place like Purewa exists to preserve the memory of our shared human story through the individuals laid to rest here.

These short films highlight timely and timeless accounts reflecting New Zealand’s history and identity.

And of course, you are always welcome to visit Purewa and explore these stories up close! We look forward to seeing you.

Polish Hero Defender of Ukraine

Witold Bukowski: Polish Hero and Defender of Ukraine

Matariki Remembering Mere Wharepapa

Matariki: Remembering Mere Wharepapa and Partner Tom “Darby” Ryan

Amelia Haszard Mount Tarawera Volcano Survivor

Amelia Haszard Survivor of New Zealand’s Greatest Natural Disaster

Sir Edward Elgar’s Kiwi Inspiration


Anzac 2022: Kiwis Fight the Battle of Megiddo             “Armageddon”

Walter Batty: Tongan All Black and Hero of Desert Fight Against Rommel’s Panzers

Arthur Purchas NZ Renaissance Man

Arthur Guyon Purchas – New Zealand’s Renaissance Man

Captain Donald Harkness – Biplane Bomber of Zeppelins in WWI

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