Do You Know This Cat?

Nov 23, 2022

Do you know this cat?
He’s a fixture at Purewa Cemetery, visiting the grounds daily and never shy about making himself at home.

And as a neighbourhood ambassador and grief counsellor, the solidly built ginger graces many of our chapel services, where he offers affection and a calming presence. Sometimes—when he knows the deceased was a cat lover—he manages to sidle in and make his way to rest near the funeral bier.

Not that he is a nuisance. No, he is ever the gentleman cat, always comporting himself according to the high standards of respect and decorum expected of his chosen profession.

Chapel attendants field the same questions everyday: Is this your cat? Do you know his owner? Does he come often? The truth is: He is not our cat and we have no idea where he calls home! After his day’s service is done, we see him meander off into the neighbourhood, a job well done.
So, do you know this cat? We love him and we’d love to learn more!

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