Purewa Completes New Kidney Gardens

Jul 23, 2020

With the recent completion of four new kidney-shaped gardens and one central round garden, Purewa Cemetery and Crematorium, has added to the existing 16 kidney gardens which are now fully subscribed.

The latest gardens have been built between the newly constructed Walk of Memories extension and Y Block Ash plots immediately north of V Block. One central circular garden made of Blue stone is surrounded by four kidney gardens, each measuring approximately 25 metres in circumference.

Each new kidney garden will accommodate up to 51 ash plots and the circular central garden has 32 plots providing 226 plots in total available for cremated remains. Each plot can accommodate two sets of ashes.

The new gardens will allow both granite and bronze plaques with each garden offering one or the other. The central garden will accommodate bronze plaques only and will feature a weeping cherry tree in the middle. All the gardens have been planted out, they feature a central tree and are now available.

The sale of the Plots is restricted to those who have an immediate need to inter ashes or who wish to memorialise a deceased loved one with a plaque, but with no ash interment.

The Purewa Trust Board will allow the purchase of one additional plot, adjacent to the plot being purchased, if family wish to purchase two plots for their use.

The new gardens are part of the Purewa Cemetery Trust Board’s ongoing programme of development to ensure the public is offered a wide range of options for ash interment after cremation.

“We take pride in the presentation of our grounds for our families and the neighbourhood to enjoy and these newest gardens are an extension of the first kidney gardens opened in the early 2000s,” Purewa General Manager Alastair Crombie says.

“The shape and layout as well as attractive planting has proved very popular with families over the years and we want to make sure this option, along with all our other ash internment choices, continues to be available”, he says. “Purewa is also shortly planning to build a new Columbarium, for the interring of ashes above ground, we are constantly developing the Cemetery with an eye on different options for the future.”

A small but expert gardening and grounds team is responsible for maintaining Purewa’s 20 hectares which includes lawn and berm mowing and maintenance, new planting of flowers, tree maintenance and general upkeep.

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